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Is Breath of The Wild The Best Zelda Game Ever?

Hey man, prior to the release of the new Zelda title, my favorite was Ocarina of Time. I know that Ocarina of Time came out a very long time ago, but everything after that was kind of lame. So I had essentially given up on the Zelda series, that was until Breath of The Wild.

Breath of The Wild is a very difficult game. From the get go you’re dumped straight into the wild, and one of the first things I can remember doing is hunting a boar. Except, no one tells you the absolute best place to find the boar, because there’s no bullshit hand-holding in this game. You end up just sneaking behind some bushes like an actual primitive bow hunter, and it’s badass to say the least.

breath of the wild boar hunting

However, this hunting gimmick does age rather quickly once you discover that this is most of the gameplay in Breath of The Wild. You go out hunting, and then you cook for a while, then it’s off to the next dungeon of which there’s only 4 (not counting the little shrine puzzles littered throughout the kingdom). Which brings us to the game-play of Breath of the Wild. Yes it’s limited, and some of the systems are not as in depth as say something like World of Warcraft but the more you immerse yourself in Breath of the wild, the more you begin to discover that you don’t miss all of the complexities of yesteryear’s titles.

Breath of The Wild is a very straight forward game. You open your map, you find a location that you haven’t been to yet, gaze at it with your binoculars, and then start heading for a Sheikah Tower in that location. Activating these towers will reveal a huge section of the map allowing you to easily find the next dungeon or shrine. This was my exact strategy for beating the game, just go counter clockwise around the map until you’ve revealed the whole thing. Since revealing a huge section of the map with the Sheikah Tower allows you to teleport back to that location whenever you want. The towns you unlock  and the resources that become available are necessary to complete the game.

The games mechanics sound simple when analyzed like this, and I suppose they’re simple, you just hunt and explore but the scale of the game creates a certain illusion that is very seductive and you’ll find yourself forgetting about the simplicity of the game. Something that helps mix it up too is the complex controls. No longer do you have to open your inventory constantly like in past Zelda games, now almost everything can be accessed from a hot key on the controller.

You can change types of arrows on the fly, bows, shields, and weapons too, and you can switch your super powers, all without opening any inventory screen. Once you begin to master this feature, the game becomes very seamless and fast paced, for me personally this was the hardest part of the game, but once I became good at it, I was honestly kicking serious ass dude.

Exploration is essentially what Breath of The Wild boils down to, and the game pulls it off nearly flawlessly. I mean, just when you’re beginning to think that this game has limitations and that you can’t do anything you want, you discover shield surfing in the middle of the desert and needless to say this game packs a lot of surprises all the way to the end. If you have the courage to not spoil anything about this game by using the internet, then you’re in for a hell of ride.

Breath Of The Wild Complete Map

breath of the wild complete map

The Story This Time

So the story is balanced pretty perfectly this time around, there’s not too much dialogue or cut-scenes, so you’re basically in charge of link the whole time. It’s a very engrossing game, and a nice change of pace from the modern videogame formula which is all story & cut-scenes, with a little action. Essentially you’ve been placed in some kind of medical coma for a long ass time, and now you’ve awakened to kick the shit out of anything that moves that’s not a Hylian or some other race you’re democratic with.

The game definitely takes heavy influence from Dark Souls and Shadows of The Colossus this time around, and manages to blend the best of those franchises with the Zelda universe.

Zelda breath of the wild was shorter than I imagined it would be. I know that in past Zelda titles you would feel as if you were approaching the end of the game and then you’d be given a whole new set of tasks to do. Like in ocarina of time when you’re sent to retrieve like 4 things, then you retrieve them and retrieve a whole bunch more shit but you’re an adult now.

This time around that is not the case, you do the 4 things that you must, and that’s it the game is over. Basically in order to win you’ve got to cook a ton of meals. Like I cooked so many meals that my inventory was full, now head to a temple and just use as many as you want. Finish the temple, do some hunting to refill meals, and then go to the next one. That’s it, and in between this you’ll be unlocking parts of the map and scanning for new mini temples to increase your max hearts.

I think that’s one of the interesting things about a Breath of the wild, it’s the fact that, much like the original NES Zelda, you can turn on your Switch in 2017 and experience a similar adventure to what those people had. Exploring a brand new world of Hyrule, just like the pre-internet days, discovering all these secrets. I think this is what’s at the essence of the Zelda games and Breath of the wild manages to capture perfectly.

Let me just say this last prerequisite before my final statement, I’m a huge dark souls fan. I’ve beaten all 3, and while I haven’t beaten blood borne or demons souls, it’s not for a lack of trying, I just don’t have any more time! I’ve already wasted so much e trilogy. So anyways, even coming from that world I can say that Breath of the wild is a beautiful game, and it captures something that is not present in the Soul games, it offers you a much more pleasant world to explore which can kind of work against dark souls, sometimes it’s just a drag to play.

breath of the wild complete review and map


Zelda Breath of The Wild: How Long Does It Take To Finish?

All in all, the game took me about 20+ hours to completely finish. Now, this is not with 100% completion or anything like that, it’s just the amount of time it took me to defeat Ganon. I’m by no means an ultra fast gamer or anything, so you can consider this about the average time it will take.

Breath of The Wild literally feels like a breath of fresh air and I’d recommend it along with the Switch to anyone who likes games, man. Thanks for reading and check out my Splatoon 2 review coming up!